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OSSIG Ball Hair Trends 2019

Our partner OSSIG hairstyle & beauty presents the trends of the coming season.

For the ball season 2019/20 updos are of course again highly topical. It all depends on the technology. Even ball goers with shorter hair love to put their hair up.

Putting on hair will always be up to date and ladies of all ages would like to put on their hair classically or casually playful on special occasions - such as weddings, parties, Oktoberfest parties or balls.

The trend for the coming season - with a touch of retro "memories of the 60s, 70s and 80s" - mirrors wonderful creations from classic to trendy, with playful wicker compositions. The blending of high-contrast effects - stuck, braided, wavy, curly or straight - with clearly fretted elements make the ball hair look graceful. Curl variations are conjured up using a curler, curling iron and straightening iron. The perm is also in demand again for a playful curly head.

The stylists of Intercoiffeur Ossig hairstyle & beauty recognize the needs of the ball visitor - if the ball visitor moves a lot on the dance floor or if he or she is more the quiet observer.
Is the hair rather fine, tiered or long and heavy. Is the hair wavy or rather smooth? Is the pony short or long. The pony - as a real accessory - becomes a trendy look.

Each woman is put in a special light by the perfect haircut, the harmonious hair color and a modern styling. The elegant make-up underlines an unforgettable evening.

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