20191024 Marmorsaal

The glamorous Marmorsaal

In 1910 the ambassadors gathered with their ladies in the Marble Hall, where they were addressed by the Emperor.

20191022 Rittersaal

Dining in the hall where Empress Maria Theresia was christened in 1717?

We recommend to book your tickets in the "Rittersaal" - it served as her baptismal hall.

20191017 Wunschzettelbaum 2018

Throwback 2018

Many new year's resolutions were left on our wish tree!

Now online

360° degree tour through the Hofburg

20191003 Zeremoniensaal

Celebrate where once the emperor celebrated?

Empress Elisabeth, Emperor Franz Josef I and Tsar Nicholas II at the festive gala dinner in the Zeremoniensaal.

20190926 Silvesterball 2012 v2

HOFBURG Silvesterball 2012

Festive opening ceremony (themed "La nuit de l'Amour") in the Festsaal in 2012 with Olga Esina and Roman Lazik and other soloists of the Vienna State Ballet.

Culinary delights

Celebrate the old year with a fantastic 4-course gala dinner!

20190905 Vienna Business Run

Waltzing through Vienna

The team of the HOFBURG Vienna waltzed their way through the Inner district of Vienna while participating in the Vienna Business Run.

20190905 Guten Morgen

Good morning!

We wish you a great start into the new day!