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Star Ticket

The ticket price includes the entrance ticket and the seat reservation at a table, a glass of sparkling wine for the welcome (at the Hofburg Foyer until 10.00 pm). The ticket also includes free access to all rooms at any time.

The seats will be allocated in December within the booked category and will be noted on your ticket. Since the tickets are sold per seat and not per table, you may be seated with other guests at one table, depending on the size of the group. Your seat is reserved for you for the entire evening. Therefore, it is not possible to occupy another seat, apart from the reserved seat.

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16 ST FS

Star Ticket Festsaal

Centrally located historic room with opening and midnight show, live orchestra and dance floor

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The stunning Festsaal hall was originally designed as a throne room around 100 years ago, but was never used for this purpose. Orchestras will ensure that the large dance floor is always full thanks to their take on Viennese dance music. Don’t miss the public quadrille at 12.30am and 02.30am!

€ 440,00
19 ST Wintergarten Marmorsaal

Star Ticket Wintergarten or Marmorsaal

Centrally located historic room or with view at the Heldenplatz with bar

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The Wintergarten is a great insider’s tip for the HOFBURG Silvesterball. Enjoy cocktails and long drinks from the bar here as you watch the fireworks light up the night sky high above the city’s rooftops. The centrally-located Marmorsaal offers fantastic views of the impressive Michaelerkuppel dome.

€ 350,00
22 ST Seitengalerie Vorsaal

Star Ticket Seitengalerie or Vorsaal

Centrally located historic room with bar

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These centrally located rooms lead to the two largest ball rooms, the Festsaal and the Zeremoniensaal. Walking acts are another source of entertainment to enjoy here in the Seitengalerie. Attach your New Year’s resolutions to the wish tree in the Vorsaal and share a moment of happiness and good fortune with us.

€ 300,00
25 ST Kuenstlerzimmer Radetzky

Star Ticket Künstlerzimmer or Radetzky App.

Smaller historic room with live orchestra and dance floor

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The large windows of the Künstlerzimmer open up attractive views of one of the oldest courtyards in the Hofburg complex. This room is named after Field Marshall Radetzky, who was permitted to use the apartment in recognition of his service.

€ 250,00

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